A vibrant revolution in the cocktail world, originating from far away America and now on the verge of conquering Europe: the Sugar Free Cocktails. This new trend brings a mix of low-cal sparkling mineral water and delicious Van Gogh Flavored Vodkas. It is a drink for conscious people, because it promises "no carbs!"


People are becoming increasingly aware of their eating and drinking habits, striving for healthy and sustainably produced food and less carbohydrates, sugar and fat. This awareness also leads to questions about alcohol consumption. Consumers still want to enjoy themselves, but they make more conscious choices.


Hard Seltzer, also known as Skinny Bitches, and Sugar Free Coffee Cocktails entered the market in response to this need. These products offered a mix of sparkling water, alcohol and natural flavorings such as peach, berry, lime and coffee. Because of their low calorie content, they became extremely popular in America, and now they are making a strong comeback in Europe, because: no carbs!


In New York, Paris and London, people began to embrace the new trend. A healthy lifestyle and enjoying delicious cocktails went hand in hand. The Sugar Free Cocktails became not only a fashion phenomenon, but also a symbol of awareness and change. With every sip of these refreshing, low-sugar creations, people celebrate their pursuit of a balanced lifestyle.


The revolution has begun, and Sugar Free Cocktails spiked by Van Gogh Flavoured Vodka's are the standard bearers of a healthier take on the traditional cocktail pleasure.