A new trend, originating from the US and about to win over Europe as well: Sugarfree Free Cocktails
a mix of low-cal sparkling mineral water or coffee with Van Gogh Flavored Vodkas.
The mix for conscious people, because: no carbs!

You are becoming more aware: healthy and sustainably produced food and drinks, less carbohydrates, less sugar, less fat.
Also less alcohol? A little bit: consumers want to enjoy themselves, but they make conscious choices.
Hard Seltzer (a.k.a. Skinny Bitches) or Sugar free Coffee Cocktails are such products that meet that need: a mix of sparkling water, alcohol and natural flavouring, such as peach, berries, lime or coffee.
Due to the low calorific value it is in America incredibly popular, in Europe it is on the rise, because: no carbs!